Retirees are one of the highest & most unfairly taxed groups in America

That’s why we focus on creating tax-efficient financial plans and portfolios; so our clients can enjoy more of their hard-earned dollars in retirement instead of needlessly giving them to Uncle Sam

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Want to keep the taxman out of your retirement?

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Dave Ramsey Smartvestor

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Dave Ramsey Smartvestor

Are you in the Topeka, KS area and looking for a financial advisory firm with over 75 combined years of experience to help guide your retirement plan and investments in a tax-efficient manner?

Independent, unbiased, fiduciary advice


At The Retirement Team we believe that those we serve are entitled to great advice in a transparent, straightforward, and easy to understand manner. Simple is a favorite word of ours. Because we make things simple, our clients easily understand what we are doing on their behalf and why we are doing it.

We are independent advisors with a fiduciary responsibility, bound by law to put our clients’ needs first, not those of a brokerage or insurance company. Our clients love that this allows us to give them the best and most unbiased advice possible, with no hidden or predetermined agenda.

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Investment advisory services offered through Next Generation Investing, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. The Next Generation Investing, LLC Form CRS can be found here & form ADV Part 2 here.

Securities offered through World Equity Group, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC. The World Equity Group Form CRS can be found here.

The Retirement Team and Next Generation Investing, LLC are not owned or controlled by World Equity Group, Inc. Visit for more information.

The generalized information we provide regarding tax minimization planning is not intended to, and cannot be used by anyone to avoid paying federal, state, or local municipality taxes or penalties only reduce them. You should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor, as tax laws are subject to interpretation and legislative change and are unique to every specific taxpayer's particular set of facts and circumstances. Investing entails risk, including possible loss of principle.

Voted ‘Best of Topeka’ by Topeka Capital Journal Readers as Best Accountant & a finalist for Best Financial Planning Services in 2022, Best Accountant, Ryan Shumaker as Best Financial Planner, & The Retirement Team as Best Financial Planning Firm in 2021, Best Accountant, Ryan Shumaker as Best Financial Planner, & Best Financial Planning Firm in Topeka in 2020, finalist for Best Financial Planning Firm and Ryan Shumaker as Best Financial Planner in 2019, as well as Best Financial Planning Firm and Roger Shumaker Best Financial Planner in 2018. Prior to 2018 finalists to the ‘Best of Topeka’ were selected by editorial and advertising staff of the Topeka Capital Journal & potentially based on if they were an advertiser to the publication or not. Since then finalists have been selected by readers each year via written nominations followed by a voting round.